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Centaur Training & Development would like to wish all our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Our office will close at 12pm on Friday 20th December and will  re-open at 8am on 2nd January 2020.

18th December 2019

The last course for this year was a one day Load Management Theory & Client Handling Techniques refresher workshop held at the Belong Village in Warrington. We had three participants for this course, two from Belong, Penny Mottram and David Sherwin and they were joined by Jayne Harrison from FLM Training Ltd.

The day was spent refreshing the three participants on the theory behind safe moving and handling of people and various practical techniques, looking at equipment which is new to the market and how to use it safely.

Left to Right: Dave, Jayne, Penny & Jan (Trainer)


13th December 2019

Today Janet visited The Avenue School in Reading. The two Key Trainers at this school choose to attend a one day Handling People with Special Needs Education face to face practical update course every year rather than complete the six monthly paper based evaluation questionnaire assessments. Both the Key Trainers, Kelly Boahene and Iram Illahi are very experienced trainers who work very hard to fulfill their commitments and both passed this one day course with merit.


Coventry City Council

On the 13th December 2019, Jan spent the day at Coventry City Council to deliver a one day Load Management Theory & Client Handling Techniques refresher evaluation workshop to the team of trainers based throughout the council.

Coventry City Council 13 Dec 19

Left to right. Cliff. Christine. Jan (Centaur Trainer). Andy. Joanne. Dawn. Sharon. David.

It was a very busy course with eight participants attending, Grace Ibuka, Dawn Kaye, Cliff Evans, Dave Cridland, Christine Calcott, Sharon Mitchell, Joanne Reed and Andy Galsworthy. The eight participants work great together supporting each other with the manual handling training for the council and make a great team.

Jan continues to be the best trainer I have even been taught by. She is so skilled at importing her knowledge and putting the class at ease” – Dave Cridland, Assistant Manager, Coventry City Council

9th – 12th December 2019

This week we held a four day Handling People with Special Needs Education Train the Trainer Masterclass course at the new East SILC site in Leeds. This four day course was for two participants, Deborah Moorby from the new East SILC site and Sally Sullivan from SaPTS at East Riding of Yorkshire Council. We also had a current trainer, Gillian Hope, who is also based at the new East SILC site join them over a couple of days as a refresher for her current accreditation.

Left to Right: Deborah, Sally & Gillian

It was a great week with all working very hard and covering all the required areas thoroughly, delivering fantastic units to demonstrate their presentation skills and carrying out great practical techniques.

The trainer, Maureen, even got to join the school for their Christmas dinner.

Nuffield Health Woking Hospital

10th December 2019

Nuffield Woking 10 Dec 19

Left to Right: Jan (Centaur Trainer), Kate Ruddick, Jenny Cross and Debbie Cooper.

Today’s course was a one day Load Management Theory & Client Handling Techniques refresher evaluation workshop for three staff based at the Nuffield Health Hospital in Woking. It was a great day with all three participants working very hard and covering a many areas of manual handling training and safe transfers including what to do when a client has fallen, problem solving and theory knowledge.

Jan was even invited to join the staff on their Christmas lunch, which was really lovely.

Nuffield Woking 10 Dec 19 Christmas Dinner


2nd – 6th December 2019

This weeks we held a train the trainer Masterclass course at the Dundas Resource Centre in Falkirk. This was a five day Handling People with Special Needs Education course hosted by Falkirk Council to train staff who work directly with children with physical special needs in safe moving and handling and will now allow them to deliver this training to other staff within their own organisation.

Falkirk Council 2-6 Dec 19

We had three staff from Falkirk Council, Joy McDonald who works with the Children with Disability Team and Clare Hughes and Karen Weir who are both based in Carrongrange School. They were also joined by Eileen McDonnell from Mavisbank School in North Lanarkshire and Roseanne Tang from Orchard Brae School in Aberdeen.

It was a great week with all five participants working very hard to complete the course and the trainer was made to feel very welcome.

I loved how relaxed and laid back the course was. The delivery style was great for enabling my learning and giving me confidence to try things” – Joy McDonald, Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Falkirk Council


3rd December 2019

Today’s course is a one day Handling People with Special Needs Education refresher evaluation workshop which this group of Key Trainers choose to attend annually rather than completing the six monthly paper based evaluation questionnaire. The course was held at Fort Royal School in Worcester.

Fort Royal School 3 Dec 19

Left to Right: Sara, Kelly, Angela, Sara-Jane, Suzanne & Sue

We had six Key Trainers attend, Sue Richards from the host school, she was joined by Kelly Pearce from The Vale of Evesham School and Sara Corfield, Sara-Jane Corbishley, Angela Broadbent and Suzanne Nottingham all from Regency High School.

It was a busy day with all six Key Trainers offering ideas for areas that they would like to look at along with the required elements, these included safe use of handling belts, practical techniques when accessing the swimming pool and techniques using standing frames.

Derby City Council

Today’s course, (2nd December 2019) was a one day refresher evaluation workshop for staff based within Derby City Council. The four participants have all previously attended the five day Handling People with Special Needs Education train the trainer masterclass course with Centaur and were now due to attend a practical face to face refresher course.

It was a great day spent covering a number of topics including theory knowledge check, record aims and learning outcomes, practical techniques, risk assessment and Peeps (Personal evacuation plans)

Attending the day we had Louise Bieluch, Lucy Daullah, Tessa Astill and Natalie Rogers.